3 Benefits of Being Overweight


In a society obsessed with being thinner and taking every possible measure to cut out fat and calories, you may wonder if overweight people are simply doomed forever. The truth is fat serves many purposes, and it’s time we stop vilifying it entirely. While no one will tell you to stop eating right or exercising, here are 3 benefits to being overweight.

1. The Right Defenses

Fat means energy and whether you’re fighting an illness or getting over one, you’re going to need a lot of defense. Thinner people are more susceptible to illness and have longer recovery times because they simply don’t have the reserves to fight through it all. There may be some conflicting research here, but it’s generally agreed that the fat in your body can perform some valuable functions to prevent anything bad from happening to the vital parts it surrounds. If you or someone you know has a few extra pounds and you haven’t gotten sick for a while, you may be able to thank those extra calories you had at your last dinner party.

2. Less Likely Candidates for Dementia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Two of the most terrifying diseases that threaten the quality of life, and you might be able to stave them off by having a larger frame. Unfortunately, the RA benefit seems only linked to men (sorry, ladies.) However, overweight men were 63%  less likely to get this disease which is significant number. The extra tissues everywhere seem to protect the joints, which is good news for men who love their beer. Scientists also estimate you’re about 25% less likely to get dementia based on the statistics. Dementia destroys not just the life of the afflicted, but the lives of everyone around them. These types of statistics offer encouragement to overweight individuals who have a family history.

3. Better Sex Lives

Health and sex go hand in hand, and it’s sad when people forget this fact. Men with a little heft to them are actually likely to last longer in bed over skinnier men, a benefit that both partners can get behind. Sex decreases chances for depression and increases a general state of well-being, and the extra time gives everyone more incentives to practice this type of exercise.

It’s important to remember that much of the research on weight is still up for some debate. Different studies may show different things, so it’s important to take all of the advice with a grain of salt. Ultimately, your doctor can give the best advice about BMI, muscle mass and cholesterol levels, so always consult with someone before deciding your weight doesn’t need any work! And if you need to fax them your medical records, then check out onlinefaxes.com where you can safely send out anything you need without worrying about hackers intercepting your private information.

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