5 Big Reasons Why You Do Not Lose Weight

loss weight

Every time you watch yourself, you notice your excess body weight and every time you decide to shed those extra pounds. But how? By eating less, working out in the gym, avoiding unhealthy and carb foods. At last, after a couple of months, you see that you are standing at a position from you started. It gets very disappointing. But have you ever tried to find out the reason why you failed to lose weight? Weightyz.com has finally found the big reasons why a person fails to lose weight even after such a hard work and dedication. Today in this article I am going to tell you those 5 reasons why to fail to lose weight.

loss weight

  1. Following eat less routine

Did you start quitting your daily meals? Those who suddenly eat very little put his body in the ‘low-energy mode’. In the short term, you lose weight, but your body becomes very economical with the available energy. If you then just eat again, you will immediately gain a lot. This creates the familiar yo-yo effect. The chance that you ultimately weigh more than when you started losing weight. Losing weight is a matter of continuing to eat but in a smart and healthy way.

  1. Drink too little

There are people who think that drinking a few liters of water a day contributes to rapid weight loss. But that is a fable. Of course, you have to drink enough. Some people confuse a feeling of hunger with thirst. By drinking enough, you have a ‘fuller’ feeling and you will not be able to grab a snack or carb foods. It is, of course, important to drink water or tea instead of high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks, wine or beer.


  1. Too little sleep

Various scientific studies have shown it: too little sleep and restless nights indirectly contribute to weight gain. A sleep deprivation disrupts the hormones involved in the metabolism, with the result that you have more appetite during the day.

  1. Too little fat

Many people who try to lose weight stop taking fat. But a lean diet from which all fats have disappeared is not healthy. Your body needs good fats to make certain vitamins and hormones. Saturated fats, or ‘bad’ fats from biscuits, for example, should be avoided, but good unsaturated fats from fish, avocados and nuts help you stay healthy.

  1. Not enough exercise

The more you exercise, the more you lose weight. Daily sports like badminton, football, tennis and many more, helps in losing weight Even half an hour of walking is also very good. When you start exercising, you often become heavier at first. Muscle tissue is in fact heavier than fat. Therefore, do not focus too much on the scale and your weight, but measure your waist size. It is possible that you become healthier, while you weight remains the same or increases somewhat. Read our honest analysis on 3 Week Diet to know how you can get maximum output from your exercises.

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