5 Reasons To Never Touch Drugs Or Alcohol

Drugs Or Alcohol

For thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people all over the globe, addiction to various substances is a very real problem that is destroying lives. In actuality, people can become addicted to pretty much any substance, as well as various activities and pastimes too for that matter, but generally, there are two examples that instantly spring to mind when discussing addiction, and they are: drugs and alcohol. Drugs come in many forms, some illegal, and some not, but unless absolutely essential I.E prescribed by a doctor, it is advised that you steer well clear of them. For alcohol, again, there are many people out there that choose to steer clear of these beverages, even people with no history of addiction at all. Straight edge and clean living is now more popular than ever, and to show you why that could be, here’s a look at 5 reasons to never touch drugs or alcohol.

Potential addiction

As mentioned, drugs and alcohol are both highly addictive, and for some people, beating an addiction to either substance can be incredibly difficult. To help ensure you don’t have to go through this type of ordeal, it could be suggested that you nip the problem in the bud before it arises, and basically cut drugs and alcohol out of your life for good. Generally we do not need drugs to live (other than for certain medical conditions) and we certainly do not need alcohol. If you’re worried you could be at risk of addiction, or if drugs and alcohol just do not appeal to you, giving them up would be the smart thing to do.

Potential addiction

Save money

Drug and alcohol addiction both cost a lot of money, and most would agree that money spend on either one would be money wasted. By never touching either substance, you will automatically be saving money, so you could put it towards something nice instead.

They damage your health

Even when taken and consumed in moderation, drugs and alcohol can damage your health in a number of reasons. Alcohol, for example, is a poison, which can damage the liver and even destroy it in extreme cases, as well as putting strain on your other organs. Drugs can affect your brain chemistry, and they too can damage the organs. If your health is a priority, avoiding alcohol and drugs is most certainly a smart thing to do.

They make you feel awful 

After using drugs or drinking alcohol, once they leave your system, they can make you feel truly awful, which is hardly ideal. You will feel unwell, your head will hurt, you will feel tired, you’ll have no energy or motivation, and you just will not feel yourself.

Time to wake up. Tired man holding his head.

Possible criminal convictions

If you use illegal substances you are breaking the law, and this could result in a criminal conviction, which could have huge ramifications on the rest of your life. Though alcohol consumption is not illegal if you are of legal age, if you become intoxicated, you could display unruly behaviour which could land you in jail, plus your judgement is impaired, and you could make stupid decisions which could affect you for the rest of your life.

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