6 Ways to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing Aid Batteries

Do you often need new hearing aid batteries? It can be a hassle to replace them frequently. The good news is that people have found many ways to extend their lifespan. It will only take a few extra minutes of your time to apply these practical tips:

1. Don’t Overuse Them

The simplest technique is to consistently turn off hearing aids when they’re not needed. You can accomplish this by removing them and opening the battery compartments. Remember to deactivate hearing aids when you sleep, read books and pay bills. Avoid doing so while walking or driving; this could compromise your safety.

2. Keep Batteries Separate

When you store these units, don’t let them touch other metal items. Keep them away from paper clips, coins, tools, screws and nails. Rather than putting spare batteries in your pocket or junk drawer, store them in the original package and tape it shut. This will prevent short circuits from causing damage.

HearingAid Batteries

3. Handy Activation Tip

Before using these batteries, you need to peel off small stickers. A vital chemical reaction occurs after you do this. Try waiting before you put an activated battery in your hearing aid. If you leave it out for five minutes, this may boost its longevity by more than two days.

  • Remove the sticker
  • Wait about five minutes
  • Install the battery

This tip works because it gives a battery’s zinc extra time to mix with air. The chemicals produce more energy as a result. A middle school student developed this valuable technique. It’s easy to forget, so consider putting a reminder on your battery package.

4. Avoid Extreme Heat

A hearing aid battery may perform poorly if you expose it to hot temperatures. Try to keep it in an area that stays below 86 F. Store batteries in an air-conditioned room during the summer. If you don’t use air conditioning, put them in a cabinet near the floor and away from windows.

  • Keep them on the first story
  • Don’t use shelves near stoves
  • Watch out for hot vehicles

5. Never Freeze Them

Avoid putting batteries in unheated rooms or automobiles. Don’t attempt to extend their lifespan by placing them in a freezer; this technique will only harm a modern battery. For the best results, store hearing aid batteries in areas that never fall below 50 degrees.

6. Minimize Moisture

Try not to expose a battery to high levels of humidity. Don’t put it in a room with a shower or bathtub. Likewise, keep batteries away from humidifiers, evaporative coolers and coffee makers. Moisture in the battery compartment may also harm them. You can dry it by leaving the door open whenever you stop wearing a hearing aid.

  • Beware of pools, hot tubs and saunas
  • Don’t touch batteries with moist hands
  • Keep them sealed when it’s raining

If you remember to put this advice into practice, your batteries will last considerably longer. This could help you save a substantial amount of money. It also makes hearing aids work more reliably, so you won’t face as many interruptions to your daily activities.

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