Asia: 11 Reasons Stress In The Busiest Asian Cities Is Affecting Relationships


Living in the big city is indeed a great stress, which is not only triggered by the large competition in the job market, but also created by the entire environment. Roads that are always filled with cars, sidewalks flooding with people, noises of all kinds, lights flickering everywhere, billboards, and an air that is intoxicated with fumes from vehicles, they are all elevating the stress people feel in large cities. It is also known that Asians are not hurrying into having a long term relationship or even marriage. They prefer life as singles or have relationship that end rather quickly. Can stress be a reason behind this phenomenon? It can be very well indeed, the following reasons showing you why.

  1. Stress coming from the uncertainty of a relationship

If women don’t get married until a certain age in Asia, they are less likely to do so afterward, as they are considered less desirable. So, once a woman gets involved in a relationship, she may be eaten on the inside by the question of whether this relationship will have a future or not. Men can have the same issue, although they are not stressed too often by this problem.

  1. Not being sure of the partners feelings

The lack of communication, rather present in the busy couples of the big cities, leaves partners in a blank space when it comes to being certain about the feelings of the other. Asians don’t seem to dedicate too much time to expressing their feelings or letting the other know what they think and how they feel about them.

  1. Is the power spread equally within the couple?

In most Asian couples, the man usually has the leading role. This means that the woman is on the second place in this romantic equation. This may not seem fair for many women, who work hard as well to provide for the household. So the lack of support from the man and his superiority may increase the levels of stress within an Asian couple. Also, because the man has to bear the entire responsibility concerning the household increases stress for him as well, as the entire load is on his shoulders.

  1. Is autonomy present in the couple?

Both partners need to have their independence now and then. If one of them is lacking it, this may result to stress accumulation in the relationship. Each person may enjoy doing something on their own, like a hobby or favorite past time activity. If that person won’t be able to satisfy this need, over and over again, tension will accumulate and the outburst can be damaging to the relationship.

stress and relationship

  1. Abuses of any kind because of stress

When we are stressed and nerves pulled out to the maximum, we tend to do stupid things. Argues within the couple that end up in verbal and emotional abuses, and even physical abuses are all happening when stress levels are at the highest point. One of the partners may lose his or her patience and react in a rude and violent manner.

  1. Lack of communication skills

Believe it or not, but knowing how to communicate and how to listen, in a couple, can mean a lot. Lack of skills can contribute to the increase of stress, because partners will become frustrated of not being able to transmit their message, to be understood, or to be listened to. If communication malfunctions, solutions will not come either, as the two persons involved in the couple won’t manage to reach middle grounds.

  1. Not digesting information properly

If one hears only what he wishes to listen, if one looks for the problem in what the partner is trying to communicate, without properly processing and digesting the entire piece of information, stress and frustrations will be generated. Listening skills are as needed as communication skills, so one can get the right message when the partner is communicating. Because of this issue, both partners will feel stressed, one because he or she doesn’t get heard properly, while the other is accused of not conveying the information correctly.

  1. Getting worked up from an emotional point of view

When the persons in a couple allow themselves to be worked up by feelings like anger, everything else that should be positive about a couple disappears. Stress takes place where support, affection, and love should be present. All attempts of communication must be stopped if one of the partners or both get angry, because this will do more harm than good. The problem should always be discussed when both partners are calm.

  1. Being quiet about things that bother

Some people may prefer to remain quiet about the things that bother them in a couple, because they believe it is best this way. They think that by not bringing the troubling subject up front, and, thus, not creating a fight, is healthier for the couple. Well, it is not healthy at all, because that matter will erode and fill that person up with stress. Stressful situations should not be allowed to linger, as they can destroy the couple. It is best to talk about them in a gentle manner, with the purpose of getting the situation solved.

  1. The attempt of being dominating

Because competitiveness is quite harsh in large Asian cities, at least in the job field, some may try to behave the same in their personal relationships. Thus, one may try to dominate things, by insisting and trying to convince the other that he or she is right, no matter what. It is easy to understand that such a behavior will only increase stress inside the couple, as collaboration should prime and not competition.

  1. Dedicating large amounts of time for work

Driven by the desire to achieve a better financial and social status, many Asian people in the big cities are working around the clock, neglecting their relationships. This is probably the biggest reason so many Asian people are single or not married at over 30 years old, because dedicating too much time to the job and no time to the partner, will eventually make him or her want to leave the relationship.

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