Coping up with cancer during the times of pregnancy

The moment you are suffering from cancer during pregnancy it can be a stressful situation. It could upset you beyond limits though medicine for oncology while pregnant might provide you with a degree of relief. When you are pregnant and suffering from cancer it can be very confusing and send shivers down your spine. Pregnancy or for the matter cancer does work out to be major events of your life and when you are diagnosed with cancer it is indeed a stressful time. It does make it very difficult to deal with a couple of things at the same time.

You might be experiencing difficult emotions and the situation might seem to you that no one is able to understand you. Do not worry as there is help along with support available for you. It would be quite natural that you are going to have a lot of worries.

To begin the process you might be worried that when you are pregnant and suffer from cancer this might grow faster. But oncology in pregnancy medicine suggests that this is not the case. Medical experts have gone on to research the various types of cancer and this is not the case as always. Research is also of the opinion that pregnant woman can be treated in an effective manner just as you might be treating non pregnant women. In most cases doctors try to treat you in a manner as they are going to treat a non-pregnant woman. As cancer during the times of pregnancy is on the rarer side, there is less guidance available in terms of treatment options along with clinical trials.

The right type of treatment would depend upon the type of cancer you have, the stage of cancer you are suffering from and the weeks of pregnancy you normally are going to find yourself at. In most cases you might have to avoid certain treatments or put them off till your baby is born.

Any decision that you might have to make about cancer treatment has to be really hard. It is not only about your own health, but the health of the baby does have an important say at this point of time. The doctors along with specialist’s nurses would provide you with all possible information so that you do have the necessary help in order to take important decisions.

The doctor is generally going to advise you on how to balance your health along with the safety of your baby. There are some tough situations where the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy. The reason being that you are in the early stage of pregnancy and the cancer is growing at a fast pace. The need of the hour would be to start pregnancy treatment which might not at be safe during the course of pregnancy.

The main objective of the medical staff would be to ensure proper health of the mother along with the safety of the baby.

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