Your Dental Health Is Connected To Your Body’s Health

Researchers seem to come up with more connections with each passing month. Gum disease is somehow related to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and premature births.

Ancient understandings correlate with what modern day researchers are finding. Farmers generally check the health of livestock by looking at their teeth.

They knew a thousand years ago that the health of the animal’s mouth reflected that of its body. Modern researchers are finding the medical reasons why these connections exist today.

Therefore, focusing on dental health becomes critically important. If you want to save teeth and protect yourself against expensive dental bills, you will want to focus on prevention.

How Serious Is This?

Gum disease is something found in about 75% of people right now, according to many dental professionals. In addition, gum disease is the number one reason that people lose their teeth.

Some people even lose teeth and have implants installed and still do not know that the reason was due to gum disease. When three out of every four people have some gum disease, this should not be surprising.

The problem is indeed one of awareness. With knowledge and understanding, it is possible to mitigate the problem and prevent expensive dental bills and problems.

This understanding goes beyond knowing that one must brush and floss daily. If that were enough, it would be difficult for 75% of people to have gum disease.

In the book, What You Should Know About Gum Disease, I have packed a lot of information and explanations placed into relatively simple to understand terms. It is not difficult to understand, but the understanding itself is crucial.

Regular Cleanings And Checkups

It is important to get your regular dental cleanings and checkups. Dental health professionals know that what you do at home between those appointments is critically important.

The reason for this is that plaque must be disrupted on a daily basis in order for your dental health to be protected. When the plaque remains intact for too long a period of time, the ‘bad’ bacteria underneath are able to multiply.

When there are enough of these bacteria they will have enough power in the form of acidic secretions to begin damaging the tissue that supports your teeth and gums. When the tissue erodes to far, the teeth will become loose.

Understanding Enables You To Prevent

Most people, with varying degrees of effort, can stop this disease process from progressing. Varying degrees of effort are required because every human body is different.

There is an objective way to measure the health of your gums. When you know this measurement, you will be able to know if what you are doing at home is sufficient or not.

If not, it is a matter of adjusting your home routine until you obtain the desired results. Once you know how to gauge the state of your periodontal (gum health) you will be in a much better position to take effective action.

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