Your Drugs and Medications: Making Them Kids Proof

Although vitamins might be vital for our health, keeping these in a place where your kids can find them could mean real danger for your child … and that’s even before we start thinking about more serious drugs and medications!

1) Up, up and away

Medicine should be kept in a container which is kept high out of reach.  Preferably this should also be locked and out of sight.

But don’t forget that your child will grow, so watch as your child grows and develops new skills (such as climbing and problem-solving) and keep asking yourself whether your medicine chest is still out of harm’s way.

If not, move it to a safer place.

2) A place for everything …

Big problems come with that last dose of the evening: many of us forget and leave our pills on the nightstand.

If this sounds like you, it might help you to remember to make the extra effort to return your meds to that safe cabinet by knowing that 86% of children visiting emergency rooms for medicine poisoning had taken medicine belonging to an adult.

3)  A medicine by any other name

Don’t forget that many over-the-counter medicines are still pharmaceutically based medications and should also be kept out of reach.  This includes items such as cold remedies, throat pastilles, creams and drops.

Although you might not consider these medicines in the “prescribed” sense, they are sold over the counter to adults, not children, because they can cause considerable harm to children if mis-used or over-dosed, so keep it out of reach.

4)  Consider the poison potential …

If your child is going to be playing unsupervised in any part of your home, have a scout around first for potential poisons.  Even if they’re just going to be playing beside you in the bathroom, or in the adjacent bedroom whilst you’re running the bath for them, your attention’s going to be diverted by what you are doing – especially if you’re performing other safety procedures such as checking the water temperature!

So, before you start your activities, check on what they could be up to whilst you are distracted.  You might have locked the aspirin away last time you used it, but did the next person?  What chemicals does that mouthwash contain?

Look at the room from your child’s point of view and eliminate the dangers to them, however much of a hurry you’re both in for bath time!

Finally, it’s never too early to start raising your child’s awareness of things that can be harmful to them.

Even the youngest toddler has a limited understanding as to what “danger” might be, so:

  • Explain to your child early on that some things which look like candy may not be candy, and that they should never eat anything without checking with you first.  You can always extend the example to include berries on nature walks etc.
  • Continue to remind them that some substances (particularly liquids) may look like drinks but actually have other horrible jobs to do, taste nasty and can cause real injury if swallowed.
  • Remind them that not everything which is locked away is going to be exciting treasure like in the story books, sometimes it’s locked away to save lives!

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