Essential Items That You Should Have In Your Bedside Sex Drawer

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Do you have a sex toy next to your bed? As odd as it may sound, if a woman has one, then nothing stops a man from having one too. It’s important to have a sex drawer because it gives your “dirty toys” some sort of privacy.

But assuming that you already have a drawer, here are some of the things every man should have in his bedside drawer. Having those things will take your love life one step up, you will enjoy it more and she will enjoy it more, so here is your shopping list for today:

  1. An Assortment of Condoms: It’s absurd how some men give more thought to other junk materials than their protective coats. Why can’t they just make use of the cash spent on such trivial items to get some condoms as the fear of STDs and unwanted pregnancy should be the beginning of wisdom? Also, limiting yourself to a particular type or brand of condom doesn’t seem wise as your favorite is yet to be discovered. Hence, it is advisable to make your choices from a variety of condoms as we’ve got different flavors, textures and thickness. In order not to ruin your perfect nightstands or sink your pleasure boat, it’s also important to have both the latex and non-latex condoms as some women are sensitive to latex while others are allergic to latex.
  1. Lubricants: Who says lubes are meant to be kept only by the women? However, the assumption that a woman is in possession of a lube doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll have it in her hand bag or purse. Hence, there’s a need for you as a man to have it too and have more than just the regular ones as there’re diverse and well sophisticated lubes out there. Wetness shouldn’t really be an issue that would cause an embarrassment for you.
  1. Altoids: This collection of breath mints is very essential for someone who wants to be a good kisser as it refreshes your breath for kissing. From its peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen and cinnamon flavors, you’re good to go. Just imagine that sensation when she pops one into her mouth and then decides to give you an oral.
  1. Wipes and Towels: Nothing stops you from having a range of wipes and towels not just your sanitary purpose but for your woman too. It’s somewhat embarrassing for her not to have something to clean up immediately after a cute session until she gets to the bathroom. So, it’s wise to have a couple of wet baby wipes and dry towels in your drawer. Sure you know your babe cannot be comfortable sleeping wet and you should be able to wipe her down in a loving way.
  1. Sex Toys: These are meant for enhancement of pleasure and intimacy. So don’t be shocked if your woman requests for a change in routine on the path of oral erotics or starts looking for a little kink in your sex drawer. Moreover, you can invest in these sex kits that cover a whole range from vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, anal toys, strap-ons, fetish gears, bonds and a host of others. However, it’s important to allow your desires to guide you.

But remember that just having those things is not enough, you also need to learn how to use them the right way. You can learn it by just playing with it or you can take the short and smart way and just learn from the experts.

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