Freddie Fibroid Stole Your Body And Your Life

Remember when you were young, happy, healthy, and free of the woes you now associate with the dreaded monthly curse. Remember when you could wear tight jeans, capri pants, hip huggers and make old men wish they were young. Remember when the word period really meant the dot at the end of the sentence. Ah the good ole days before fibroids, cramps, heavy bleeding, bloating, swelling headaches and crying yourself to sleep at night. Faced with the experience of fibroids many women would choose childbirth- with twins.

Freddie Fibroid stole your body and your life. Don’t you think it might be time to take it back? Life was good then Freddie Fibroid showed up uninvited bringing bloating, menstrual pain, swelling, the inability to ever enjoy tight pants again much less wear them and he robbed you of the sex life. Who invited the devil to take residence in your body?

If you want to get back to happy, clean healthy living and the ability to reclaim a love life the first move is to evict Freddie Fibroid. The devil has got to go. Most women understand the concept, but when the cure is worse than the ailment it can be a lonely hard choice.

Freddie Fibroid

Historically, Hysterectomy was the only solution and many women endured it, but I in today’s climate of modern medicine undergoing a hysterectomy to remove fibroids would be akin to killing mosquitoes with a Gatling gun.

There’s a better way to dispatch Freddie Fibroid and never have to see or feel him again. He’s already like a bad boyfriend who will not stay away. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) deserves your consideration. Minimally invasive requiring an overnight hospital stay with pain management (if needed) done in the hospital and discharge with a band-aid and Motrin this is a game changer.

UFE is minimally invasive, few complications, cheaper (both insurance and co-pays) and a permanent solution to the problem give yourself permission to at least explore the option. Best of all women need their ovaries all their life for good heart health and with UFE you get to keep both them. Check out the following link to learn more for better medicine and better outcomes.

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