Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids Naturally


Hemorrhoids can affect anyone. It is possible this can affect any person of any age, although it has been noted that the elderly aging population are more than likely to be affected by this condition.

Understanding hemorrhoids

To treat hemorrhoids, it is important to understand it first – why it occurs, what causes this condition, who are likely to suffer, and what can you do about it. Having hemorrhoids is the condition wherein the lower part of the anus and rectum are swollen due to numerous causes.

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Hemorrhoids develop when the blood pressure on the veins surrounding the anus, also called anorectal veins swell. If the pressure keeps on pushing around it, the veins tend to bulge and swell more. Patients usually feel the effect whenever they poop, carry heavy loads, or sit for a long period of time. Pregnant women and obese people can also suffer from this condition.

The clearest and most common symptom of hemorrhoids is arterial bleeding during bowel movement, pain and pressure during such activity and itchiness around the affected areas..

Two kinds of hemorrhoids

Contrary to the common belief that hemorrhoids are only those you can feel protruding on your rectum, there is also another one that could develop inside – at the lowest part of the anus. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids – the internal and external hemorrhoids.

  • Internal hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids occurs when the swelling is present in the inner part of the rectum. This is commonly treated through rubber ligation.
  • External hemorrhoids. This is one of the most common conditions and it can be treated through home remedies and surgery. In this case, the swelling of the rectum gets worse and the hemorrhoids can be felt and seen from the lower part of the anus. People with this condition suffer from tremendous pain during bowel movement and rupture in the nerves that causes the bleeding.

What causes hemorrhoids?

After understanding what are hemorrhoids, it is also important to identify what causes it. In this regard, you will be able to prevent this condition from happening. Identifying the cause will also help you understand how to treat it eventually.


So why do people get hemorrhoids? Check on the following causes.

  • It runs in the family. Some people and doctors believe that this condition is hereditary – meaning there are other members of your family who also had this condition. On the other hand, doctors and specialists explain that it is not the genes that determine the condition why this illness is being passed from one member of the family to another. They argue that it is usually the lifestyle and the diet.
  • Obesity and pregnancy. Obese people and heaviness during pregnancy will cause too much pressure to be built up on the lower part of the body, causing the veins to swell.
  • Poor diet. People who tend to eat processed foods, too much protein and low in fiber tend to have constipation, which would then trigger hemorrhoids.
  • Dehydration. Poor water intake tends to worsen hemorrhoids.
  • Sitting for a long period of time. This also induces too much pressure on the lower part of the body causing hemorrhoids and bleeding.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

There are natural treatments that you can use to manage hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back. Check out the following:

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help you relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids. To treat internal hemorrhoids, simply cut a stripe of an aloe vera leave. Remove the thorns and freeze the stripe. Remove it from freezer and apply on thearea. It serves as cold compress for the swollen veins and can eventually reduce inflammation. For external hemorrhoids, simply apply the extracted gel of aloe vera leaf on the area. This will help soothe the inflamed veins and hydrate the surrounding skin.

  • Lemon Juice 

There are two ways to use lemon juice in treating hemorrhoids. First is to directly apply it to the swollen area and the other one is to consume the juice, together with ginger tea and honey. Lemon juice contains antioxidants that help reduce pain and inflammation as well.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural and pure apple cider vinegar can reduce the itching and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. To use this, soak cotton ball on apple cider and apply it directly to the area. This guarantees immediate relief from pain. Consuming a mixture of a teaspoon of apple cider and water treats internal hemorrhoids.

Essential oils for Hemorrhoids

It also has a natural ingredient that keeps away inflammation. Tea tree oil can be very strong, this is why you need to dilute it with coconut oil. To use it, add one to two drops of tea tree oil with coconut old and apply it to the swollen area. You can use a cotton ball to swab the area. For best and immediate result, do the application for couple of weeks, until inflammation is completely cured. You can also use other types of oils such as lavender, rosemary, and olive essential oil.

Maintaining clean and proper hygiene

Aside from natural remedies at home, it is very important to maintain a clean and proper hygiene at all times to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back. Wash the area well with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using toilet paper, use wet wipes instead. Wear cotton underwear to prevent irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

Using A Squat Stool 

Another home remedy and natural way to treat hemorrhoids is by using a squat tool. This is a toilet implement specially designed for patients with hemorrhoids. The design is supported by the medical study that squat position during bowel movement can help ease the pain and pressure caused by hemorrhoids.

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Study supporting Squat Stool

Study shows that the sitting position during bowel movement hinders the flow of bowel from coming out. This puts more pressure on the lowest part of the rectum, causing the veins to swell more and then, bleed. On the other hand, the squatting position allows the bowel to move freely from the rectum. Besides, squatting is the most natural position for humans during bowel movement. Do visit more information.

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