What Is The Key To Living Longer And Healthier?

Living Longer And Healthier

The KEY… Keep your immune system strong as you age over 50 years, by doing this one step, the body’s immune system will help prevent the onset of age related illnesses.  Some of these are common in the senior years from plaque in the arteries (Heart Disease), Dimentia, prostrate problems, sleep disorders, migraines, etc.  How and why does the immune system combat these and other illnesses?  The main reason is the immune system suppresses your Free Radicals from running amuck.  Free Radicals are cells in our body that have an imbalance of protons.   They steal protons from healthy cells which causes them to be free radicals and  has a tendency to develop into a chain reaction which can cause onset of the above illnesses (the worst being cancer).  The primary attribute of the immune system is a strong antioxidant hormone which serves as a scavenger of free radicals.

The BAD NEWS is as the human ages over 50, the body slows production of the main antioxidant hormone responsible for a strong immune system.  Each year thereafter the immune system becomes weaker and weaker which explains why the dreaded age related illnesses increase.   Autopsy’s reveal the lowest level of the key antioxidant in the immune system is found in Alzheimer patients.

The GOOD NEWS is the company Person’s Health Systems developed the product MelaCinn.  It is comprised of two strong antioxidants designed to supplement the immune system as the body’s production decreases.   The overall effect is a healthier life and a slowing of the aging process due to maintaining a strong immune system in your senior years.  Short term benefits include mental alertness increase, more energy, better sleep plus other symptoms.    Long term benefits include healthier life style and continued feeling that you are seeing no changes.  Your peers begin to complement you and want to know your secret.

Visit MelaCinn.Com to see all the benefits and the supporting medical studies.   Order your supply and begin a daily regiment to be proactive to living longer and healthier.

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