Main Benefits Of Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a very effective method of skin rejuvenation. The results of the procedure depend, however, on the skill of the technician. This is why it’s very important to choose a professional you know and trust.

Usually, one single session is not enough for obtaining noticeable results. You need to follow through with a series of such treatments. Your technician will assess the type and the condition of your skin, and will recommend you the number of sessions needed. On average, most people have to take 6 to 10 sessions, 10 to 14 days apart.

The microdermabrasion machine is adjustable, so even people with sensitive skin can enjoy its benefits. The aesthetician is going to adjust the parameters according to your skin type.

The price of one microdermabrasion session may range between $100 and $150. When purchasing a series of six, you may get one of these sessions free of charge. The procedures takes 30 minutes, it is not painful and it doesn’t leave any marks. You can take it during your lunch break, so some people call it a “lunchtime peel”.

Although your skin doesn’t need a recovery period, you need to be aware that you have lost the outermost layer of your skin. This means your skin has less protection, therefore you should avoid going to the beach or exposing your face to direct sunlight for a few days after the treatment. It’s a good idea to wear a sunscreen when you go outside the house, even on cloudy days.

There are microdermabrasion kits available in stores, but they work more like scrubs. Moreover, it’s very easy to get a skin irritation if you insist too much with the scrubbing.

The Microdermabrasion Procedure Explained

You may wonder what is microdermabrasion? The procedure is done with a crystal microdermabrasion device which draws is air through a handheld wand. At the contact with the skin, vacuum is created and aluminium oxide crystals are blasted across the surface of the skin. They peel off the superficial layer of the skin consisting of dead cells and impurities. Used crystals and the resulting debris are sucked up through a tube inside the wand and thrown into a disposal bag.

The strength of the vacuum and the crystal flow determine the depth of exfoliation. These settings are determined by the aesthetician. After that, the technician passes the wand over your facial skin twice or three times in case of difficult areas such as brown spots and scars.

Crystal microdermabrasion doesn’t hurt, but it may feel uncomfortable especially around the mouth and on the nose. The technician is going to watch you closely during the treatment, but it’s a good idea to speak up in case you feel any pain.

You should be wearing eye protection for the entire duration of the treatment, as the crystals may accidentally hurt your eyes. The professional is also going to wear protection equipment.

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is similar to the procedure described above, the difference being that it doesn’t use crystals. The diamond tip is the exfoliation tool. The dead skin cells are sucked up by the vacuum, just like in the previous situation. The aesthetician can adjust the treatment by using various diamond tips with different grades of roughness.

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion feels more comfortable than crystal dermabrasion, thus being better for sensitive skin types. The results are similar.

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