Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions: Ancestral Remedies From The Land Of 1001 Treasures

After being asked for decades to share her Persian grandmother’s treasure trove of natural ancient remedies, beauty and wellness expert Firozé has finally penned a book. Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions is the much-anticipated compendium of healing salves, tonics, and elixirs, the Iran-born Firozé inherited from her extraordinary Mamanjoon.

Mamanjoon Secret Potions

Handed down by many generations of wise women, the homespun recipes have been lovingly collected by Firozé who has shared them for many years with her clients. The many time-proven ingredients used in the recipes include turmeric, pomegranate, roses, lavender and even sweet potatoes. She offers treatments for conditions including acne, ear infections, psoriasis, headaches, diabetes, and dandruff. Beauty regimens – from exfoliants to masks — help with all manner of beauty concerns such as under-eye puffiness, wrinkles, hair loss and dull and over-pigmented skin.

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