Myths About Baldness

Hair Loss

Hair is not just a part of the body, it is much more than that. It is the manifestation of our beauty and health. Beautiful shiny locks are dream of everyone and we always try our best to have gorgeous hairs. But in order to do this sometime we start doing those things which are not necessary and sometime it work adversely. There are several reasons which could be attributed to hair loss like pollution, genetics, unhealthy diet, imbalanced lifestyle, but there are several factor which are not contributing to hair loss but just due to some reasons they are attributed to hair loss.

The biggest myth is that once your hair fall out, they will never regrow. This is not true, with advancement in medical technologies hair transplantation is quite possible for any level of baldness. Several techniques for hair transplantation like FUE or FUT are available which are quite safe and yield positive results. India is already developing as major hair transplantation center with Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata as its prime center for hair transplantation due to affordable cost and reliable results. Among these cities hair transplant cost in Pune is the most optimum as per its location and doctor’s experience in hair transplant field.

Now let us debunk these kind of myths which has been wrongly associated with hair loss:

  Myth #1: You are going to be bald, if your maternal grandfather is bald

It is true that genetics is one of the main reasons for baldness, but genes responsible for baldness could be transferred through even distant relatives from the both sides. There are chances that you can have a head full of hairs even when your maternal grandfather is bald.


  Myth #2: Hair thinning comes with age

This may be true some 20 years back, but if you observe surroundings, you can easily come to the conclusion that hair thinning is not anymore related to age. It could be triggered as early as in age of 17 or 18 years. So be cautious at an early stage only, when you start experiencing your first hair fall.


 Myth #3: Birth control pills can lead to hair loss

This myth is unfortunately half true. This is half true because birth control pills lead to production of androgen hormones, which can kick hair loss. But this is with only those birth control pills which are high in progesterone. Moreover, even in the case of progesterone only those female experience hair loss whose hair follicles are androgen sensitivity.

Myth #4: Hair loss doesn’t caused by blow drying

Blow drying seems an attractive way to drying your hair fast and for trying new hair style but blow dryer is making your hair dry and rough with every use. So even if is mandatory for you to have blower ensure that hot air should not come in contact of the roots of the hair.


  Myth #5: Hair regrowth is impossible

Earlier it was the case that once you lose your, the process is irreversible. Today medical science has been so much developed that even a fifty year person who has completely lost his hair can regain scalp full of the hair. Several hair transplant techniques such as FUE or FUT are available in market, which ensure regrowth of your hair at affordable prices.

 Myth #6: Losing hair lead to baldness

It is quite normal to lose between 50 to 100 hairs daily without causing baldness. Hair life cycle happens in three stages viz. growth, shed and rest. So it is normal to have hair loss and not necessarily every hair loss tend to baldness.

 Myth #7: Exposure to sun beam cause balding

It is another myth which is prevalent today that sun beam can cause hair loss. This is true that if you expose your hair in harsh sunlight, then its beam (consist of UV rays) can make your hair dull and dry but they cannot lead to hair loss. Moreover, these damages can be rectified with hair trimming and spa care.

Myth #8: Wearing hats and scarf can cause hair loss

There has not any significant relation has been established between wearing hat and scarf on hair loss. On the other hand, wearing scarf can protect your hair from direct exposure to pollution and other external agents.


Myth #9: Oiling your hair for entire night make your hair healthy

It is a myth that oiling your hair for entire night make your hair healthy. Oiling hair for two hours before taking bath. If we oil scalp for entire night, chances are high that oil will clog hair follicles and pores and further cause hair loss.


Myth #10: Decrease in testosterone level cause hair loss

It is well spread myth that with the decrease in testosterone level, men start experiencing hair loss but in the research it is found that bald people have the same level of testosterone level as the people with dense hair.

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