Negative Ion Generators: A Positive Review

A Positive Review

‘Is a negative ion generator bad?’, ‘What are its effects?’, ‘Is it harmful?’, ‘Does it explode?’

As a normal human being with average knowledge on science stuff, you would often think about ‘negative’ things about negative ion generators, but when it comes to ions, anions, atoms, molecules, etc… when people hear these things, a bomb may be the first object to appear in their heads.

Since a lot of people are actually not aware about these tiny matters that surround us, there are countless of misconceptions from everyone, everywhere. One great example is that a negative ion is bad, when in fact, negative ions actually benefit us.

According to our Science teachers back in high school, when an atom or a molecule is charged, that is when it becomes an ion. This is because of the uneven number of protons and electrons. However, there are two types of ions depending on how many protons or electrons it gains. Positive ion is when the number of proton is larger in comparison to the number of electrons. When the amount of electrons is greater, a negative ion is developed.  So, what is the difference between the two aside from the way they were formed?

Positive ions have been proven to give negative effects to our body due to excessive exposure. Positive ions also affect our energy, health, and mood, while negative ions actually give the opposite effects of positive ions. Negative ions are also thought to make biochemical reactions that help ease depression and stress, and increase energy levels. Airborne particles such as dust, smoke, dancer, and pollen are also some of the targets of negative ions. They attach themselves to these particles, which triggers them to fall from the surrounding air. As the air becomes free of the unhealthy particles, it is easier for us humans to breathe. Negative ions have a lot of benefits that include health benefits, and making our lives healthier and easier. At Columbia University, there have been studies about people who suffer from depression, and have concluded that negative ion generators serve as antidepressants. What’s good about this is that it has no side effects.

The air we normally breathe contains a huge number of positive and negative ions. The condition of the air, lack of ventilation, and dryness can kill negative ions that results to negative ion depletion in urban areas and inside the buildings.

Although the air humans breathe now is polluted and is surrounded by positive ions, there are0 a lot of ways on how to combat its negative effects. Developers introduced us the negative ion generator, a device developed with high voltage to ionize air particles through additional electrons. Negative ion generators are used to disinfect the air and reduce the static electricity accumulated in electronics.

Healthier and cleaner air is what negative ion generators want to give to people. Ion Pacific has introduced products that are capable of giving negative ions through portable devices. Just like what Ionbox aims to give its customers. Ionbox is capable of releasing 20 million negative ions per second with 500 square feet coverage area. Using IonBox is also much less of a hassle for customers because there are no need for filters. Now, having cleaner air is low maintenance with no cleaning required. IonBox is portable so you can bring it to your office, in your car, or at home so you have clean air everywhere. The benefits of Ionbox are proven by different studies. It was researched, designed, and made in the US and the UK that ensures its modernity and innovation.

Another way to detoxify your air is with ionBulb. IonBulb is a 60-watt incandescent light bulb that can release 3 million negative ions per second that can cover an area up to 150 square feet.

IonNight is another example of a portable negative ion generator. IonNight is an LED night light that can release up to 3 million negative ions per second. Breathe easily at night with IonNight. Just like the ionBox, a filter is not needed when using IonNight. It is assured that ionNight can eliminate tobacco smoke and odor, allergens, dust, airborne bacteria, pet odors and pet dander, and pollen from the usual air you are breathing.

As the world continues to face the deficiency of healthy air, change and development also continue to grow. More negative ions mean less pollutant in the air, easier to breathe and healthier air to be inhaled. Negative ions serve as the exterminator of air pollutants. You can purchase these ion generators at

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