Negativity Is Good With Negative Ion Generators


The air we breathe can cause several health problems due to air pollutants, so we tend to buy air purifying products in order to inhale a cleaner and fresher air, so that we avoid getting sick. But unfortunately, some of these products have been proven to release unhealthy substances that may cause us to acquire the health problems that we are afraid of in the first place. These products may have a positive effect for cleaning the air, but it can have a negative effect to our health. Luckily, there’s a negative ion generator that benefits the air and body positively.

Ion Pacific has developed negative ionizers that are capable of releasing negative ions through devices called IonBox, IonNight, and IonBulbs. These devices can be used in homes, offices, or cars. Unlike other air purifiers, ion generators don’t release ozone, but oxygen atoms that gained electrons through the process of corona discharge. This is what we call negative ions. Negative ion generators are proven by several researches to clean the air by magnetically attracting air pollutants until they become too heavy to remain in the air we breathe.  

Negative ionizers are not the only product that releases negative ions; there are also products like air purifiers and Himalayan salt lamps. The only similarity of these products is releasing negative ions to purify the air; they have differences that prove that ion generators do better work than these products.  

Himalayan salt lamps are a huge rock salt that’s been hollowed out and has a light bulb inside of it it. These bulbs purify the air through attracting and absorbing water molecules and other particles, but it evaporates the same air vapor back into the air while the particles of dust, pollen and smoke are locked in the salt crystal. While air purifiers clean the air through filters, having filters require maintenance. It needs to be replaced frequently to make sure it releases a cleaner and fresher air. But with negative ion generators, having a cleaner air is hassle-free, plus it is healthy for the body. The air we breathe through these negative ionizers are proven to relax our minds, relieve stress, ease depression, and increase our energy levels. In fact, a study from Columbia University has proven that there are people who suffer from depression that used negative ionizers as their antidepressants and have been happy with the effects of the negative ionizers to their bodies both mentally and physically.

Ion Pacific has done years of research to guarantee that they developed compact and portable devices that release negative ions with proven positive effects to our body and mind. These devices are called ionBox, ionBulb, and ionNight. These products are negative ionizers that are proven to clean the air by eliminating air pollutants, airborne bacteria, allergens, pollen, harmful dust, smoke, and harmful particulates to prevent you from having respiratory problems or other health problems that may be acquired from the air we breathe. Not only that, it can also remove unpleasant odors that you can smell from your bathroom and kitchen.

Ion generators are devices that can be used almost anywhere you want to purify the air. Ion Pacific’s Ion Bulb is an ion generator that can be used in up to 150 square feet coverage area, IonNight is a negative ionizer that is perfect to use for a night light for your kids’ bedrooms, and IonBox is a negative ionizer that can purify the air from up to 500 square feet coverage area.
Avail Ion Pacific’s Negative Ion Generators for a cleaner and healthier air. For more information about Ionbox, IonNight, and IonBulb, visit us at

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