New Studies Shift Views On Diet And Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight When Nothing Else Works

Conflicting reports on the health of a food in our diet as modern humans have become common – eggs are good, then bad, then grilled meat causes cancer, except several years later it doesn’t. But progress has been made in food sciences, and studies lately have exploded another myth that has been endemic in diet planning over the last 4 – 5 decades.

This new information involves the healthiness of fat in our diet, which has long been a villain in determining diet.

Several new studies over the last few years have shown that a balanced diet which includes a reasonable amount of fat can actually help us lose weight faster and achieve a more balanced health outlook than diets which are high in carbs and low in fats.

The problem arises out of several misconceptions – that all fats are bad. But fats are not created equally. For instance, any fats from plants (such as vegetable oil) help raise good levels of cholesterol. This is HDL cholesterol. They also help to lower LDL, which is the so called ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Even animal fats are not as unhealthy as has been believed, and they can have an important place in the formation of our diets – the true danger came from believing that natural fats were worse than fat substitutes such as Trans fats.

Unsaturated fats come from fishes, vegetables and nuts – these can help the body regulate its functions and a balanced diet with a sensible amount of fats can actually help people lose weight more quickly than a low fat diet.

Of course, this means that many foods high in natural fats are not the villains we once thought they were. This is a major shift in the knowledge that surrounds dieting and the food industry, and it turns the light back on sensible diets which involve a well-balanced diet that contains both animal and vegetable fats.

This also means cutting back on refined carbohydrates and poor quality starches and sugars. This is most easily accomplished by avoiding processed, ‘ready to eat’ foods and concentrating more on foods which you prepare from whole ingredients.

It is not as hard as people think to do this – the difficulty of cooking and preparing meals and foods from scratch has been over emphasized, but it is possible to fit these type of foods easily into most people’s lives.

The trick is to find a balance – does this mean you can never eat at a fast food restaurant again? No, it simply means that we should all take the time to realize that a healthy balance does involve cooking foods from scratch, and that this can help bring families together, not just through diets but through the re-instatement of the family dinner, a time when we all sat together for a meal that was prepared by hand.

It also means concentrating more on portion size and exercise than achieving weight loss through dietary measures only.

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