Obesity is Not About Diet & Exercise But Overcoming Comfort Eating

What is obesity? According to Wikipedia, obesity is defined as a medical condition in which excess body fat collects around, causing serious health problems that may reduce life expectancy “I thought about it and questioned my family doctor, he is considered ‘fat’ to become a medical. Conditions Upon reflection, he then responds with a negative response,. because he felt it was a ‘risk factor’ contributing to a variety of serious chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis may limit the quality of life for the treatment of A patient referral to a dietitian, for healthy diet accompanied by exercise program regime.

I more contacts with fellow psychologist and ask the same questions he did not consider obesity as a medical condition,. but more coping mechanisms, through 2 fields: The first is psychological and the second is the behavior he felt the use of psychological patterns of behavior such as protection, or comfort, to cope with stress or emotional difficulties in the environment, when no other dining options help.From considered. rehabilitation perspective and as Occupational Therapist, I see more holistic perspective I would like to understand how obesity affects the normal functioning of individuals each day:. to determine if I, as an Occupational Therapist can improve physical functioning or psychological, to make everyday life easier and safer to manage.

Improve Comfort

My goal is to improve the safety and comfort of all functional activities, as well as improving the quality of treatment living.We not set goals, as individuals set their own goals for success.

We can only replace it, so the goal is realistic, measurable and achievable. In this way, people who successfully reach their goals with our help.Since part of our professional training in psychology, OTS want to empower individuals to use practical ways to change patterns behavior to make adjustments in the way people see and appreciate food. By talking to people and finding out how they diet, can help determine strategies to change their behavior, the use of practical and functional perspective. Our goal is to help clients feel comfortable about eating healthy and safe at all functional reconstruction activities.

Normal Life

The term means to return to the previous function in normal life. Each rehabilitation specialists with unique skills, but often over-lap professional skills, such as teaching safe management with functional mobility tasks, which deals with balance and movement. My expertise is in functional chair, to enable the correct sitting posture support while achieving performance related tasks.Originally as OT, I worked with seating for wheelchair users in their own homes and nursing homes. But now my interest in working with people who suffer from obesity, which has back pain when sitting.

This is due to the excess weight they forced posture to a normal position, which causes unnecessary strain on their seating position, so that the medical profession does not seem to back pain. Although obesity is under medical label, they are still identified as a risk factor for getting a chronic condition that can seriously affect a productive lifestyle and comfort in everyday life as well The life expectancy.

Diet Program & Exercise

Your choices as they refer to individuals with a nutritionist for a diet program and exercise. However, whether it’s as simple as that, there will be obese Life is never that simple, because the amount of Psychologist;! but they are rarely used, because the main problem was never identified referring medical professional. It not easy to make changes in your own life, to overcome the problem of obesity. You also may not be aware of it as a problem, until you can not get a normal sized chair, or on your back started to hurt, or have trouble doing normal day to day work day living You need practical help to solve your problem directly physical, which can be assisted by the Occupational Therapy Our goal is to.

Allowing you to feel comfortable and secure in all activities of daily living, but also to help you understand your current behavior around food will not help your current health status.We as OTs can advise on the configuration you need to do, to pursue a healthy lifestyle, but comfortable, applies to more productive activities that balances out any activity that is more practical approach is to change your diet to more health- conscious approach to sensible eating, so in accordance with the pattern of your lifestyle comfortable bouncing around. Food and productive activities.

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