Pillow For After Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery


This article concerns The Original Pillow With A Hole™ and its various applications. While originally designed to treat pressure sores and chronic ear pain, we have also found that the Pillow With A Hole is the ideal pillow for after ear surgery.

This is because the impediment to proper healing and certainly a decent night’s sleep after ear surgery is the fact of one’s ear touching and rubbing against the pillow. Even if one is wearing a bandage or some other protective head-gear; the pressure and friction of the pillow against the ear could burst stitches, cause the scab to come off, irritate the skin or cause infection. Essentially, all the hard work your body has done during the day to heal your ear after surgery will be undone by the pillow during the night. This is obviously not a good thing as the ear is a delicate and sensitive organ.

Ultimately, the only way to truly allow the ear to heal after surgery is by removing the source of pressure and friction – your pillow. But, of course, you must sleep on something! And that is where the Original Pillow With A Hole™ comes in. Its patented design is such that your ear never rubs against the fabric of either your mattress or your pillow. Instead your ear is protected by a cushion of air while the rest of the head is held aloft and supported. This provides immediate relief and within a couple of weeks you will see that your pressure sore has resolved, your ear pain is diminished or your ear has successfully healed after surgery.

All of our pillows are made by hand in Macclesfield, England, by a group of really fantastic ladies. Each pillow is made to a high standard out of fine poplin poly-cotton which allows for increased comfort, easier cleaning and durability. We also supply pillowcases with a hole which are made to fit perfectly over your Original P.W.A.H™. The pillows are also stuffed by hand by Robert, our expert stuffer.

Therefore, if you are intending to have any kind of ear surgery, you should seriously consider buying an ear surgery pillow. We are so sure that you will find great relief from it that we also have a money back guarantee. Simply return the pillow to us intact and we will refund your money.

For more information or to buy yourself an Original P.W.A.H™, pop on over to our website here: http://thepillowwithahole.co.uk/

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