Prostate Massage – The Way to a Better Sexual Life!


If you feel bored and do not enjoy your sexual life anymore, incorporating something new can be truly beneficial for your relationships and mood! While we are at the topic of enriching your sexual life, why not add something that can be incredibly beneficial for your health? Let’s talk how Prostate Massage can help you in many ways!

When Sex Becomes Boring.

Men have hard times extracting pleasure from sex. Let’s face it. We have less sensitive parts of the body compared to women. We have less orgasm types than women. We have less sexual organs than women. While this is an obvious joke and an impudent exaggeration, many men think like that when they feel bored with the repetitiveness and redundancy of their sexual experiences.

One way to shake up the mood and pour some fuel into the fire is adding new forms of orgasms to the equation. Prostate orgasm is a very simple way to enrichen your sexual life while adding a new form of pleasure that can be achieved both with and without another person.

Note: the sensation experienced during the prostate milking session may be even more vivid and enjoyable than a “traditional” orgasm with an ejaculation. The quality of any orgasm depends on the individual.

One of the biggest benefits of the prostate massage is that you can do it alone or ask your partner to help you out. Incorporating this procedure into your sexual activities expands the possible range of foreplay and games allowing you to add sex toys, instruments, and even vegetables to the list of items that you and your partner consider sexy.


We want to emphasize yet another important aspect of implementing prostate massage into your life and your relationships. As we all know, trust and reliability are two things incredibly crucial for any relationship. Allowing your partner to be as intimate with your as possible is a way to build trust and create enough connections with your SO to elevate your relationship to the next level.

Note: making baby steps when it comes to exploring this new are for both partners is definitely recommended. Never haste or rush things. Be gentle and avoid reckless foreplay or aggressive insertions. Be careful!

Here’s a promise: you will feel much better about the next time in bed after you start practicing prostate orgasms. Just don’t forget about simple preparations like cutting nails and emptying your rectum before starting your sexual activities.

But Wait! There’s More!

Prostate massage is a very healthy procedure recommended to men that desire to preserve their health and prevent issues like erectile dysfunction and benign prostate hyperplasia. Yes, prostate orgasm can be extremely enjoyable and should be associated with pleasure in the first place, but one should never discard therapeutic benefits of the procedure.

Prostate milking or massage is a good way to simulate the blood circulation near the gland and release old fluids that may be stuck there for a long time. A better oxygenation and nutrition of the area will prevent inflammations and discomfort. This helps in preemptively treating issues with urination and erection.

Prostate massage

However, in order to maximize the therapeutic effect, you need to follow several simple guidelines and ensure that you are serious about adding this procedure to your life. Don’t make it a one-time entertainment! There are great benefits for those who take this matter seriously.

  • Build a system. For a man that regularly engages in sexual activities (at least 2 times per week) 1 or 2 prostate massage sessions per week should be enough. For men that cannot have sex as often as mentioned above 3-4 prostate orgasms is a recommended weekly quantity.
  • Use medically approved tools. The vast majority of medical specialists use either their hands or special instruments to perform the massage. However, you can use modern patented sex toys and special tools that are designed to ease the process of massaging your prostate.
  • Do not harm yourself. Be careful and perform each movement as gently as possible. Both rectum tissues and the prostate gland itself are highly vulnerable and sensitive. Being gentle and attentive is very important.

We also highly recommend you to thoroughly study a detailed guide how to massage your prostate. Studying the technique and learning how to enhance your experience will certainly ease the process of adopting the procedure in your sexual life.

Healthy and Sexy!

Many men may feel truly bored of their sexual life and start seeking for ways to shake up things. Prostate orgasm is a technique that does just that and simultaneously adds something new to your sex life and elevate your libido!

Learning how to intensify your orgasms and simultaneously improving your health – these are things you should be doing without an advice from a third person!

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