Running Is Best Exercise For Weight Loss


Running is one of the oldest, purest and most simple exercise.Adam and Eve are  chasing in Eden. African Indigenous are hunting walking 10 miles a day. The marathon  make the world  remember the 1896 inaugural modern Olympic Games held in Greece. These are all related to running.

You can challenge yourself in the running. From Sprint to long marathon, you can try to constantly improve themselves at each distance. Many men are trained scientifically annual about 45 years and then achieve his own marathon best scores . So if you want to challenge yourself, running will give you a good platform for you to experience to overcome your self , breaking your own limits.

You can excel beautifully shaped legs.Whether running and not, our body will be different, especially the shape of your legs You may not have brand dresses model’s body, but will let you own a double sexy legs, especially calves. For beauty, try running it.


If Oprah can finish the full marathon, you can. “running magazine” is the best ever selling in 1994  which reported Oprah marathon trip,because many American women are affected by her and fall in love with running, become marathon enthusiasts. You may wish to look at her story, encourage yourself, try to run a marathon?


Try running, you will change a little from the day you start. Long time ago, you may always look for plus size dresses for covering your fatty body. Of course, you can be gorgeous also. But you may not healthy. So, just running and keep healthy and you can have any outfits in your wardrobe.

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