Steroids and the World Wide Web

Before the dawn of the technological era, life as they say was very simple and sometimes it is felt that life was more transparent when it came to a lot of things. This way was applicable to almost everything, even medicines as well as performance enhancing supplements, including steroids. Initially it was limited to the athletes’ arena and at a pretty slow pace via word of mouth this, relegated certain things to a certain level and the use of steroids was still largely in the domain of the medical experts. The common man was still to come across this concept and bodybuilders were still looked at in awe and admiration, their fans still had one common question, how did this guy get so big? Visit for more knowhow.

The era of the internet and the steroid/supplement boom

The era of the internet spawned avenues that were virtually unknown, untapped and unexplored. The internet although initially relegated to only the defence agencies, once with the introduction of the concept of e-commerce, went totally berserk; almost every other thing seemed to be available online. What was once a probability, became predictability and went to such an extent that people now believe in the internet more than in the self.

In a way this also paved way for a lot of people to be independent and earn their daily bread in a variety of ways, this applied to the fitness industry (an industry that had gained popularity in the 80s and 90s) gone was the era where people had to purchase and follow fitness magazines religiously to obtain information on training programs, diet and supplementation. The net provided a relatively easy access to all these things, through the medium of fitness websites, they started initially with the provision of training programs, quickly ascended with the availability of fitness merchandise and expanded in to a prospering business of sale of supplements and in a very short period of time became a stronghold and a resource via which even the rarest (and sometimes banned) supplement could be procured, to facilitate easy option of purchase especially of steroids, this option plays a vital role. Visit to grab more knowledge and info.

Choosing the right website and straying clear of fakes

Presently there are so many websites that claim to provide the best quality products that the consumer sometimes has second thoughts on which site and which product to opt for, this happens more so because there are so many retired bodybuilders who in their prime were revered and worshipped and now past prime they have their own chain of supplements (and steroids too), more so when you are faced with a doubt that your idol may be one of the best bodybuilder, but the supplement that he/she is promoting may or may not be the best. There are few sites that can be trusted and some that better be avoided.

While the above mentioned are not the only ones, there would be sites that would obviously have the telltale signs of clear bluff.  

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