The Best Self Tanner Lotion Protects Your Skin

Full sun, indoor tanning and personal sunlamps all give you a great, glowing tan which can be had year round at affordable prices and convenience. While you may love the way your tanned skin looks, the pitfalls might outweigh the benefits, causing many consumers to turn to self-tanner lotions and bronzers as a completely safe way to achieve ultimate, tanned color tones without the high risks associated with sun or lamp tanning.

A natural tan is, sadly, the skins reaction to UV exposure and is a sign that the outer layer skin cells have been irradiated (damaged) by the powerful light waves given off by the sun or artificial lamps. Once damaged, the body reacts by producing melanin which gives the skin a darker pigment. This damage ultimately leads to premature aging of the skin at the very least, and can cause even more harm leading to various skin conditions including cancer!

Disease Risks

Excessive exposure to the sun or indoor tanning lamps leads to an increased chance of a skin cancer known as Melanoma. Melanoma is a serious, and often times fatal, disease that can inflict its wrath on anyone, including young children. All artificial tanning devices pose severe risks and since the cancer development process can take years, or even decades, to develop, playing with fire now can cost you very severely in the long run. Many studies have discovered just how dangerous indoor tanning can be for most folks and the FDA has recently ramped up regulations and consumer awareness programs to help thwart some of the risks.

More Risks

Along with Cancer, indoor tanning under lamps causes the skin to lose elasticity and moisture. This condition leads to premature and excessive wrinkles which are exaggerated on the facial areas. While most people enjoy the free creation of vitamin D, which is enhanced with exposure to sun, too much sun can actually lower your immune system’s ability to fight off infection and disease. Diminished vision and other eye problems are common with super sun worshipers as well as weakness, lethargy, diarrhea and rashes to name a few.

skin to lose elasticity

Facts to Consider

The FDA and many prominent health organizations strongly advise avoiding tanning bed lamps, excessive outdoor sun and other artificial UV sources entirely. Using such devices definitely increases your risk of serious disease and skin cancer. For those that choose to continue on their quest for the ultimate tan, be sure to at least wear proper sun goggles and limit exposure.


If you do decide that artificial lamps are the only way to go, do not overdo it! Go easy and consider at least trying a very high end sunless tanner lotion. Many lotions give you an orange look which is a major turnoff, but with new scientific breakthroughs, some manufacturers of premium tanners have mastered the perfect tone and color, mirroring and even improving the overall tan achieved. One such lotion is WayTooTan, it is considered the best self-tanner on the market right now and is known as the ‘Gold Standard’ of self-tanning lotions. It really makes your skin look fantastic and it’s packed with the best antioxidants available which help protect the skin against free-radical damage caused by UV rays. It’s also loaded with very high end anti-aging serums which greatly help the body reverse damage caused by years of sun or bulb exposure. It smells great, looks wonderful and lasts a really long time.

Remember, you only have one skin so care for it well and avoid anything that risks your skins health. While tanning is appealing and turns heads, consider using a self-tanning lotion to mirror the natural glow. High quality self-tanner lotions are less expensive that the tanning salon and 100% healthier for your skin.

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