The Breakthrough In Negative Ion Generators


A study in the University of Leeds was conducted with the with the objective of determining the presence of biocidal effect of a certain negative ion lamp against Staphylococcus aureus. It is said that any reduction in the number of colonies growing can be attributed to some kind of biocidal effect. The research saw that the effects of negative ions to mold in the agar plates were that at relatively low exposure times of below an hour the biocidal effect of the ions is relatively low, but at increased exposure time, the biocidal effect increases up to 24% after 5 hours.

In the research, it was proven that with negative ions, 65% of the existing molds and spores are eliminated after one hour of an air purifier operation. The particles in the air are reduced by 57% in one hour, and that 88% of the existing molds and spores are eliminated during IonFlow air purifier operation after three hours. The particles in the air are reduced by 72% within three hours.

This is where negative ions were seen to be effective and could be beneficial for people. More and more people saw its benefits and saw that it could be used to improve a variety of things in your body both mentally and physically. This is why researchers from different parts of the world have done extensive research on negative ions to have a better idea of the effects of negative ions to the body.

Ion Pacific is one of the pioneers of negative ion technology and ion generators in general. Of course, there are other products that release negative ions as well. There are products like air purifiers and himalayan salt lamps that release negative ion like ion generators. Basically, like air purifiers and himalayan salt lamps, ion generators release negative ion into the air, and it works by using a method called “corona discharge”, a method that was modeled by the way lightning occurs. A tiny current of electrons flow down a needle to its point. The nearer the electrons come to the needlepoint, the closer they are forced together.

For himalayan salt lamps, they works a bit differently. Himalayan salt lamps attract water molecules from the air around it which means it also attracts water vapor and pollutants. These pollutants and water vapor stay inside the lamp once it gets inside of it, which is good especially since you wouldn’t want to breathe in any bad elements into your lungs. The himalayan salt lamps become saturated with the water molecules it has attracted and dries them up with the heat of the lamp. This process goes on for as long as the light in the lamp is on. Water vapor is release back into the air, but without the harmful pollutants, which remain inside the lamp.

Going back to ion generators, Ion Pacific manufactures their ion generators in Asia where they have offices located. Permeating to the Asian market where health is a prime state to achieve by everyone, Ion Pacific is slowly making its name known to its market. Health enthusiasts everywhere are slowly being introduced to the benefits of negative ions to the body and how it affects not only physical traits, but as well as mental state and overall outlook in life.

With years of research by professionals, Ion Pacific has perfected the way on how to produce negative ions through such a small, compact device. Not only is it compact, but it’s also effective. Ion Pacific has proven that with negative ions, the air is being rid of pollutants, airborne bacteria, allergens, pollen, harmful dust and particulates, allergens, and tobacco smoke and odor. It can also get rid of pet odor and cleans the air, purifying it from harmful particles that may be floating around in the air you breathe. Not only that, but it also improves skin condition, sleep quality, mental focus, and hair appearance. With great environment, your body is sure to react accordingly.

The ion generator from Ion Pacific can be used almost anywhere. They have a regular ion generator called the ionbox, an ion generating light bulb called the ionBulb, and an ion generating night light called the ionNight. For the ionbox, you can bring it with you, literally anywhere. You can place it inside rooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, cars, etc. Anywhere where you think needs sprucing up, you can place your ionbox there, and for the ionBulb and ionNight, you can place it in any room inside the house where you think needs more negative ions; for example your kids’ room or the master bedroom.

Negative ions work like magnets to harmful particles in the air. What it does is that it latches on to these particles and weighs them down so that it’s out of the breathing space. With negative ions and ion generators, the air around us becomes cleaner and purer. You can try to see for yourself. Avail Ion Pacific’s ion generators now from

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