Things to Review When You Need a Phone That is Compatible with a Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid

When a person suffers from hearing problems, phone usage may be a challenge. To ensure that you can communicate effectively with others, it is wise to uncover a phone that is compatible with your hearing aid. This type of device will eliminate the buzzes and humming noises that often occur when speaking on a telephone.

Phones and Hearing Aids

In 1988, a regulation was issued, which stated that phone makers must create products that work with hearing aids. In 2003, it was made to include all wireless units. To uncover a device that works seamlessly with your hearing aid, it is important to comprehend what coupling will be used.

Digital Phone Compatibility

A conventional landline phone does not usually create much interference. This problem is more common with digital and wireless devices. To help a person who wears a hearing aid choose a compatible phone, he or she can examine the FCC ratings on various models. These ratings do not guarantee great results, but they point individuals in the right direction toward a functional phone. Wireless providers must offer at least 10 models that can be used with a telecoil and are rated with a T3 or T4. Also, these phone providers must offer eight models that are compatible with acoustic coupling and are rated with an M3 or M4. All the phones have various features so that an individual can select a unit that best fits his or her needs.

Phones and Hearing Aids

Other Important Features

  • A high number of phones come with volume control. This feature lets a person easily adjust the sound. It is especially important when the phone rings. Since you may find it challenging to hear these types of sounds, you will be able to choose a ringtone that is audible.
  • Incoming Calls. To know when you are receiving an incoming call, certain phones have flashing lights or vibrate when a call is being received. This is a helpful feature that will keep you from missing calls.
  • Speaker Phone. Having speaker phone ability often lowers interference between a telephone and a hearing device.
  • Talk-to-Text. A phone with a feature that turns sound into words makes it less complicated for people with hearing problems to comprehend someone’s words during a conversation. As a person begins to talk, his or her words are displayed on your phone’s screen. This acts in the same manner as closed-captioning on televisions. With this feature, it is wise to select a phone that has a large screen so that it is easier to keep up with the conversation.
  • If you have hearing difficulties, it may be helpful to use texts as your major source of communication. In this case, you should pick a carrier that supplies unlimited texting. Also, you should select a phone that has a large keypad.

Locating a Phone

Since numerous providers offer phones that are compatible with hearing aids, you should not have any difficulties finding a device. Many companies give lists of phones that work well for people with hearing challenges. Choosing a phone with an M4 or T4 rating should bring good results. If you decide to purchase a high quality hearing aid from Century Hearing Aids, our knowledgeable service staff may be able to guide you to a phone that is compatible with your unit. Your audiologist should be able to recommend a phone as well. When you find a compatible phone, you will enjoy increased communication with your loved ones.

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