Tips on Selecting a Good Walking Shoe

Walking Shoe

Do you know the difference between a walking shoe and a running shoe? You really should learn about the different types of shoes because wearing the wrong type of shoes can do some serious harm to your feet and legs. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine you should not use your running shoes for walking shoes nor your walking shoes for running shoes. Your foot needs to be kept stable as you walk or run and each type of shoe will have a different degree of cushion and support. If you do own a pair of walking shoes than it might be time to take a second look at them. Did you know that shoes can wear out as time goes by? What may have started off as a great pair of shoes you might have started out with a great pair of walking shoes, over time, will wear out or stop being effective in protecting your feet. According to an article put out by the American Cancer Institute, you should consider replacing your shoes every three to nine months or as soon as you notice your foot shifting around in them.

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