Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Obgyn


An Obgyn is a physician who specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and focused mainly on sexual and reproductive health of females, as well as pregnancy and delivery. An Obgyn primarily diagnoses, treats and monitors ailments that are related to female anatomy such as breast cancer, pelvic disorders, hormonal disorders, urinary tract infections and cervical cancer. They also conduct a wide variety of surgical procedures that ranges from caesarean section to the uterine fibroid resection. Obgyns have been considered to be among the primary specialties that provide family planning services to the people. You need to choose a qualified ob-gyn who will handle all your pregnancy questions and other questions related to your sexual health to your satisfaction. Your ob-gyn will always be your partner and health expert throughout your pregnancy period. Hence, here are top 10 questions to ask your ob-gyn.

  1. How do the prescription and over-the-counter medications affect my pregnancy??

Your ob-gyn understands the effects of any medications, minerals, supplements and vitamins that you take during pregnancy. He/ she will help you to determine whether you can continue taking the medications or change them to sooth your pregnancy situation and to avoid the risks that may arise due to certain medicines.

  1. Do you support a medicated or un-medicated labor?

Your ob-gyn will advise you on whether they support medicated or un-medicated labor. It is prudent to let your ob-gyn know your labor plans concerning the medications that they strongly support their use. You should also let them know whether you prefer medicated or un-medicated labor.


  1. Is there anything prohibited in the sex department??

Your ob-gyn will guide you on ensuring you practice a proper oral hygiene and what you should change about your sex life. You should talk to your ob-gyn openly concerning your sex life so then he can advise you whether you should avoid or not.

  1. Should I exercise and how often should I and the types of exercises?

Women are always advised to exercise during pregnancy because exercise enables them to be active. Exercise helps in reducing backaches, bloating, constipation and stress. You should ask your ob-gyn for the exercises that are suitable for you and how often should you engage in them. Some exercises are not good for pregnant women because they have been proven to lower your gravity and may make your joints looser. Swimming and walking are best exercises while basketball, hockey, soccer, downhill skiing and scuba diving are prohibited.

  1. Should I get prenatal and genetic testing?

These tests are always done to ascertain whether your baby might be having some genetic abnormalities that arise due to neural tube and chromosomal defects although these abnormalities are always rare. Your Obgyn will analyze your situation and lifestyle to ascertain whether you might fall in the high-risk category. They always do the test when a woman is older than 35 years, a carrier of certain genetic condition or has a history of abnormalities in the earlier pregnancy.

  1. Do I have to reduce coffee intake or get rid of it?

You should ask your obgyn on the effects of coffee on your pregnancy. He will then guide you on the type of beverages that will give you the required caffeine to ensure that you are not taking more than the required amount.

  1. What are the effects of stress on my pregnancy?

Stress is always a part of every individual’s life, and pregnant women always fall for many stressful encounters. You should ask you obgyn on the effects of stress on your pregnancy and how to avoid them. You should also tell him or her some of the stressors that you consider to be bigger, and he or she will then recommend a good therapist or ask you to join a support group.

  1. What foods are prohibited during pregnancy?

Your ob-gyn will advise on the types of food that have positive and negative effects on your pregnancy because there are a lot of myths and tales concerning the types of food for pregnant women. Some food such as soft cheese which is unpasteurized carries listeria organism that may cause stillbirths when a mother is infected with it during pregnancy. Your ob-gyn will give you a list of safe and unsafe foods.

9. How does weight affect my pregnancy?

All women are at a healthy weight before they are pregnant, and some that have weight problems can be advised on what to do to reduce the weights. Your ob-gyn will notify you on the weight range that you should maintain because being overweight is risky during pregnancy as it subjects you to the risk of getting gestational diabetes. Moreover, your ob-gyn will take you through dietary discussions before you become pregnant.

  1. When should I call a doctor and which hospital he is affiliated and is preferable?

You are expected to ask your obgyn on the circumstances that will require you to make an official call. A case such as bleeding that is attributed to cramps requires you make a call. He or she will advise you on the instances you should visit your doctor such as when you have some unusual pain, vaginal discharge or leakages. Moreover, you should ask about the hospital he or she is affiliated to so that you can go and seek medical help.

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