Western Counselling – Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centre

With more and more of today’s population becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol the need for funding and strategy to tackle the problem has never been more urgent.

But addiction is rarely just the problem of the user or drinker as families and friends will often find themselves caught up in the cycles and consequences of the addict and alcoholic.

Many families report their loved one’s stealing from them, disappearing for days or weeks at a time, or suffering from acute health problems.

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So an alcohol and drug rehab center like Lakeview Health responds to these diverse needs by providing residential treatment and detoxes for the addicted, and family support and counselling for family members. Western represents a new approach to tackling addiction via this multi-pronged, multi agency approach.


They actively seek support from outside agencies that deal with specific issues resulting from addictions. Coupled with outside agency and local authority approaches Western Counselling in Bristol also advocate self-help support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Co-dependency Anonymous. Between them these groups provide support to addicts, alcoholics and family members, although each group acts alone and is tailored to the specific needs of an individual.

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