What Are the Benefits of LASIK?

LASIK is not just about getting noticeably improved vision. You will have a lot of benefits after having the procedure. For most patients, LASIK surgery results in noticeably improved vision. You can also be a candidate for this surgery if you want to have a better vision.  Visit a reliable and highly recommended eye specialist so you can have a comprehensive eye examination.  These consultations only take an hour or two, depending on the doctor’s process and the complications of your eyes.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of LASIK, check out the lista below:

Patients can expect improvement in peripheral vision – aside from the improvement in straight-ahead vision, you may notice improvements in your peripheral vision. When wearing glasses, part of your  peripheral vision may be block by your glasses. For patient with high degree, there is also a greater amount of distortion when viewing through the thick lenses through the side, so there may be parts that are blurry unless you turn head. With LASIK surgery the benefits extends to your peripheral vision.

Lesser allergy symptoms – some patients experience other health problems related to their eyesight problem, including migraine and sinus pains. With LASIK, you may experience fewer headaches and sinus pain without wearing heavy eyeglasses day in and day out. If you wear contact lenses, you will have less eye irritation and redness since you no longer have to put on contact lens for long hours. Without constant use of contact lens, it also reduces the risk of getting eye infection.

Improved nighttime vision – This is a great advantage, especially to those who drive at night. While there are several patients who experience mild glares or haloes after their LASIK, many patients claim that their nighttime vision improves after the surgery. This is mainly because the traffic lights or incoming lights from vehicles are no longer reflecting off the lenses in your eyeglasses. For those who wear contact lenses, eye dryness may cause fluctuating vision and results in difficult and fuzzy nighttime vision. Post-LASIK patients, no longer have to deal with disturbing reflections or  poor corneal surface so they can see better at night.

Improved best corrected vision – Patients who have high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) or astigmatism may gain extra lines of vision after undergoing LASIK. Thick lenses of very high prescription will result in distortions when one views through it. Such refractive errors when corrected on the corneal surface with LASIK will eliminate the need for eyeglasses and often increase a patient’s vision clarity after surgery.

You will experience immediate results – LASIK is advised by many specialists due to many benefits this eye surgery procedure can offer. One of them includes getting immediate results a few hours after the operation. Patients undergoing LASIK treatment claim that they have experienced great improvements in their vision. The surgery is not time-consuming, making it more beneficial for those who need to go back to their regular routine after the surgery.

More career opportunities – jobs in certain areas such as Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, need candidates who have good unaided vision. You also need proper vision to do different outdoor activities. With LASIK, you can have good vision to enjoy different activities or pass the exams on your dream job.

No need to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses – after your LASIK vision correction surgery, you no longer have to wear contact lenses and glasses. The effects will immediately be felt and seen by the patients. You can even save time and money in maintaining your prescription lenses and contact lenses.

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