Why You Should Care About Fibroids


Fibroids are a fact of life for many women, (especially women of colour) and often are not life-threatening. They affect women’s’ lives. They are life altering and life-changing interrupting and affecting every facet of daily life for women afflicted with them. Unreliable periods, excessive bleeding, cramping that equals the pain of childbirth are common. The negative impact on one’s sex life makes women holler preferring a quick death some days to the status quo. Most often fibroids are non-malignant, but they can grow out of control and they can become life-threatening.

Fibroids & Hysterectomy

Historically, the first suggestion in the treatment of fibroids is HYSTERECTOMY. A more specific and targeted surgical option exists. In menopause, the ovaries are essential to good heart health and the absence of them mandates Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), but after five years HRT has deleterious effects on the cardiac health of women. A cancer diagnosis collapsed uterus, and other ailments that only a hysterectomy can resolve, hysterectomy is probably the best course of treatment. Yet, when other less invasive options exist for female reproductive ailments, women have a right to know what other options exist. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is minimally non-invasive and successful in treating 85% of fibroids patients with less than 10 days of downtime. The procedure was created in France and is a godsend for women needing surgical intervention.

Fibroids & Hysterectomy

It is not appropriate for all women diagnosed with fibroids, but a near perfect solution for the most woman with decent health and fibroids 7 cm or smaller not concerned about preserving future childbirth options. Women who suffer from severe fibroids are not being well served. The options offered to many patients are dictated by billable fees opposed to the best interest of the patient.

To make the right choice you require and need all the information available, not bits and pieces. The whitepaper outlines questions to ask and how to prepare for the UFE so that you can take back your life. If access to health care is an issue resources including links to physicians exist to help you navigate your way to good health. Do not suffer.

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